Tuesday, May 8, 2007

On the way home

On my way home today….es muy bueno para me. No me gusta long trips away from the wife and kids. However the fact remains that I had a wonderful time.

Something aside from the surfboard has made a mark on me here in Costa Rica. I broke down a wall of fear that I have had for way to long. My friend and brother Darin, showed me how to relax a bit, not something I have been very good at. I have had in the past a few run-ins with “locals” or shall we say street drunks, that have not always been pleasant…..somewhere along the line that turned in to fear. A few nights ago we sat on the beach for a bon-fire with the local artists and surfers. Drumming, lightning a few k. off the beach….I relaxed finally.

All day yesterday, down-shift to further relaxation…and back to work soon.

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