Saturday, January 26, 2008

Team Avocado

Team Avocado was founded in around 1992, give or take six or eight months. (maybe someone can let me know)...... I do not feel as though I was one of the "Original Gangsters" or "OG" as they now call it in the central mid-west. The two who started the posse are long gone from the old turf and I will not give out their names.

I joined up with Team Avocado about two weeks after the historic joining of forces. It was a trip for sure!! MH. and his posters. TB with the macaroni with ketchup. Other DH. with mattress lined rooms for battles of kick. DD best bite mark and flop. GB. the rock and roll bedroom equipped with new drums!! MH.with DRAGNET! TH with the best Mom.* JR best phone number. Fire! Fire! GB best getting his ass kicked around DH's porch by his girlfriend. And the list goes on. We all had our place then and we all have places now. But the houses are not as close.

Here's the plan, have a good trip. Mellow. Get ready for the projects called life. Or just forget about it for a few days.

*all Moms are the best..

Next entry......stretch it first.

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Marc said...

Don't forget about DH with the friday night lawn chair sessions(what was that called?). SH with the 5 oclock shadow in 6th grade. JR with the pet rat? DD with the ugliest Gotcha neon pullover. TH the guy who helped me pass science class. TB and his TB and DP. KD with the ejecting snowboard. RK the talker who could back it up. GB with the green vw bug. MH with the mullet.

see ya soon- MH