Monday, September 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

At a closing summer BBQ last weekend I had the chance to reconnect with an old friend for a bit. He is a martial arts instructor here in Flagstaff.

Our conversation eventually turned toward principals of teaching and the life lessons we learn from our teachers. Not just in the discipline of a specific study, but life. If you listen closely, everyone you interact with can become a teacher of sort. One lesson or another, profound or not, learning is a life long process. And we must not forget our teachers.

Early in life we are introduced our most important teachers, our Mother and Father, brothers and sisters, and this continues on until we no longer know these people; through death or separation. The lessons we are to learn are fundamental; about relationships, love, kindness, gratitude...

In my high school days I met a great man by the name of Dennis Deike. He was a bit like the gas station attendant from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He was a hard ass peace maker, retired Viet Nam vet, gone Buddhist, Christian, scientist, linguist. The lessons I was taught by Deike about humanity will never be replaced. He used a lot of reverse psychology in his teachings, and would piss me off, then close his house to visitors and take a nap, while the lessons brewed, what a jerk!

In my junior year of high school, I told him I was thinking about getting into massage therapy. He said I would never make it, and it was a very stupid idea. Now, every time I make a stride in my career, I thank him for his blessing, and throw him the bird, just as he'd like it!

As we grow into adults the lessons of old remain, so long as we remember and pay tribute to our teachers.

More recently I have been gifted the opportunity to sit with a few folks who again have had great influence in my life. Erik Dalton and Kim Miller. Thanks for every life lesson as well as the bodywork lessons...

Til next time...

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