Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bodyworld 3

On Feb.13th, I will be one of four guides from NAMTI to take students and clients on a tour of this wonderful display. Bodyworlds is an exhibit that has been touring the world for ten years. Please view the link "Bodyworlds" for more information. If you would like to attend please contact NAMTI through the links as well.

This display seems to stir up interesting conversation wherever it goes. Some people have been misinformed, some turning to religion for guidance on whether this is moral or not. Some folks are truly stunned by the ability to see a side of humans few of us could otherwise see.

I am a member of the latter, having not taken any dissection classes yet, this is an affordable way to view the human anatomy. I work with the body everyday, and feel this is a value to my clients as well.

This was a bust, the organizer let it fall through and never even thought to inform the assistants who we helping with the tour!

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