Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sign Language Interpreters

Yesterday I hosted a CEU class for local sign language interpreters at my clinic. What an experience. It was an information exchange bridging the gap between "work and wellness".

Teresa Sedano from Healthy CEU's was the sponsor of the event. Teresa did a wonderful presentation on aromatherapy for stress reduction, awareness, and self recognition. It was fun, informative, and much needed for a stress out massage therapist as well as sign language interpreters to pay themselves back a little.

My part of the presentation was focused on body mechanics, breath awareness and preventative maintenance. I had missed the component of what it takes to convey emotion in sign, separating ones self from the emotion portrayed. What a job, and what strength of character it takes to not get sucked into the emotion. Transference and counter-transference issues come to mind.

It seems as though these topics of conversation are missing in a large part of the community of interpreters. The idea of what to do with this information one it is identified. Holding patterns in the physical as well as the emotional body. It seems as if isolation with in the community may be a factor as well. Yesterday was a great meeting of the minds, a chance to for interpreters to share feelings about life and work.

We then focused back on taking care. We ended our time together with a group breathing exercise and some movement identification and re-education.

Thank you all who attended.

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