Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Upper Cervical Complex Pain?

Strengthen the cervical and capital flexors. Slide head back, tuck chin, keep eyes flat on horizon. 10 reps.
Tuck chin and roll through seven cervical segments. At the end of movement assist with your hands gently. 10 times, hold 2 seconds. Or what ever feels good.
Rotate head 45 degrees, nose over chest, take nose to chest, then assist with your hand, gentle. 10 times 2 sec hold.

Rotate head away 45 degrees. Then bring ear to same side chest. 2 sec hold, 10 times.

Be sure to use good breathing, never hold breath. Breath out on execution of movement, breath in during the relax phase. Following these simple movements a few times a day can really open things up and be refreshing for the muscles and the brain! This helps the little muscles at the back of the head top of the neck release. This is a great practice for people on the computer, driving a lot, or ride a bike 200 miles a week! Do this at home, in the car (at stop lights, not while driving) or in the shower. Simple maintenance can go a long way.

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