Thursday, April 24, 2008

And We're off!

Headed to Costa Rica today after class in's been a long few weeks, teaching, clients, family, photo shoots, this and that.

We get into San Jose at 5:30am on Friday, enough time to sleep a bit before getting back to work. While at these workshops, it is definitely not all about rest for me. I sort of end up running around a lot. Making sure this cord is plugged into that hole, copies are made and delivered, students are happy, temperature is good, Erik, Kim and Paul have enough liquid, coffee, etc. Then the Power Points and anatomy images are good to go, how is the sound? We review the class outline about five times, make changes, prep and teach.

It really is quite nice. I continue to learn each time I go to work. I see and hear the concepts again and again. We scan the room, and check each student's finger, arm and hand positioning, making sure the receiving participant is feeling good with the applied technique. With a variety of learning styles represented in the room, we often need to re-teach the technique per individual. It is a great chance for me to encounter people on a one on one basis, and dial in effective teaching strategies....

Plus three fresh, organic meals a day prepared just for us!!! Mmmmm.........can't wait!

Until next time......Pura Vida Amigos....

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