Monday, April 21, 2008

Upcoming Workshops

Costa Rica

Erik Dalton & Aaron Mattes
San Jose, Costa Rica
Pura Vida Resort
April 26- May 3, 2008
26 CE Hours>>>Cutting-Edge Therapy>>>Tropical Vacation

Pura Vida Spa......Set in a tropical paradise hidden in the hills of Costa Rica, renowned manual therapy specialists Aaron Mattes and Erik Dalton conduct lively, entertaining and informative certification workshops. Special video animation, anatomy dissection and hands-on demos stimulate the visual learner, while relaxed practice sessions delight kinesthetically-attuned therapists.

Sedona Arizona.....

Sedona Arizona- NAMTI

Presented by Geoffrey Bishop, Dalton's 1st certified teacher in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Pain Management for Neck, Low Back, and Shoulder Dysfunction
25 CE hours

To Register Contact: NAMTI (928) 282-7737 or visit NAMTI online

Day 1….Neck Pain: Dalton’s very popular “Dirty Dozen” pain-bustin’ techniques help massage therapists assess and correct neck "cricks", dowager's humps, TOS, pinched nerves, scoliosis, rib pain and more.

Day 2…Back Pain: Simplified "back spasm" recipe for torsioned spines, locked SI joints and adhesive hip capsules. Includes innovative side-lying techniques & assisted stretching routines…perfect for treating large or pregnant clients.

Day 3…Upper Extremity: Shoulder, arm, and hand pain plagues the American workforce and sporting industry. Here you will learn innovative techniques to assess and treat; frozen shoulder, acromioclavicular pain, rotator cuff injuries, bicipital tendonitis, “golfer’s” and “tennis” elbow, carpal tunnel, De Quervain syndrome and trigger fingers. A must take for all corporate and sports massage therapists.

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