Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bumper Sticker of the Day

"Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours"

I saw this sticker downtown in Flagstaff yesterday. I am a firm believer in the power of attraction, so this meant something to me. I have not seen the movie "The Secret" but I believe it has something to do with this. Throughout my years of life I have ran across many opportunities to join these people in abandoning my dreams. These sentiments come in many forms. "Good luck" in a cynical tone of voice is one of my least favorites. However, it often works as a motivation for me. I'm sure I share this trait with many people, I know my children are in the same boat...when told I can not do something or are incapable of achieving a task, this only makes me want it more.

There are so many ways to remind ones self of what it is you want. My mom bought me this little piece for manifestation one year for my birthday. It is a small praying, or thinking figure with a bowl in it's lap. The directions on this little figure said to think of what you want, write it down on paper, or come up with something that reminds you of this desire... next, you are to put that in the lap of this figure. Pray on it, think about it, look at it, whatever you believe...upon waking and at bed time. I put a business card of a particular job I really wanted in the lap, thought of it a bunch and "poof" I got that job.

But it is not magic, you can use what works for you, church, nature, incense, books on achieving, journal, hitting the streets, whatever you call quote the great waffle makers "Just Do It"..(sorry I had to) That's it. Find what you want and make it so.

Now days I don't use the little figure as much, I do use the concept. I write it, I draw it, however crude it may be.... I 'put it out there', I think and talk about it. No, I do not have all I want, I don't even know what that is yet, but when I think of it, I will work on it.

I was just reminded of my grandma or mom saying "God helps those who help themselves" (and in that tone) a great life lesson in a few words. Picard on Star Trek says "Make it so"... some one said "ask and you shall receive"... to sum this up I'd like to remind you again of that sticker. "Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours" don't let this happen to you, work hard for it.... be it sport, career, travel, children, addiction recovery, blah, blah, blah...okay enough Tony Robbins for one morning! There is a small group of people from Waverly-Shell Rock, Iowa who can prove this theory to be true...

I realize I need to take a writing class, it's on the list. Until next best to you, and I mean it. Best wishes to you....

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