Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Time in The Hole

What A trip! Not advisable off the couch. At approximately 32 hours after completing this trip and having eaten a big shredded beef burrito, I do not walk well. No major injury I know of yet, a lot of soleus pain and muscle soreness in quads and minimal hamstring damage. But the calves, oh my lordy lordy. OK, some sacraltuberous ligament pain, but what can I expect. I hope I can walk through the airport in ten days! No sweat, they have those fancy golf carts zipping around.

Why'd ya do it like that?

Well yes, good point. As a therapist working with many of today's top athletes, I wanted to experience again this pain and discomfort that so many of my clients present with. I do a few light jogs around the block every year or two, but nothing of this magnitude.

My man Chris, that drugged me and took me in the canyon, does this trip many times over in a year. This was his fourth time in the canyon in April, Today is the 17th. The day previous to this trip he did a 4.5 hr run in "the hole". Chris started at the South Rim, ran to Phantom Ranch and back to the South Rim. 4.5 hours. That's around 5,000 ft downhill over 12 miles or so, then back up 5,000 ft and the same mileage. When I did the deal, I ran 57 minutes down to Indian Gardens, that's 3,000 ft down hill and however many miles. Duh- next I will walk more.

Chris did the 7 hours with me because he did not want me to die in the canyon. Thanks Chris. This is, however, not advisable. I say this to protect my readers. Not off the couch. I know many people who are of the fitness level to allow this, most of the running clients I work with. Not me, I am alive, but the muscles would be happier had I taken a few extra jogabouts. All and all it was a great trip. I am learning about the body, pain, and saw many wondrous things. Until next time.....

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