Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monkies and Food

Gearing up for my second trip to Costa Rica. Pack light, take the i pod, book, running gear, brain, shorts, hat, sun screen, flip flops. Change message on mobile phone to let callers know you will be in Costa Rica for eleven (11) days!!! Good, I'm set!

This is the good stuff here. Three organic meals a day, really good coffee, fruits of all kinds to keep hydrated and clean. We do this retreat with the Freedom From Pain Institute at a joint called Pura Vida ( Life to us gringos. On my first trip to CR, it was a bit of an interview with FFPI. I studied with Erik Dalton and James Waslaski, had a grand time, and got a job.

Now I will return as a Teachers Aide, and help the students learn these fabulous techniques in soft tissue manipulation. This year is with Tom Meyers, Mr. Anatomy Trains, and Erik Dalton, PhD. These two are both Rolfers and I have a feeling their work will play very nicely off one anther! Can't wait.

While there I will be going dancing with the DH danceman if you know what I mean! Yes Darin is there, hangin with the natives. He is landscaping and shooting pics of the stuff. We will be meeting up in Manuel Antonio and have just a few days to spend.

I'll post more from the Jungle!!


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